Hospital Square Foot Costs


Project Notes

Hoefer Wysocki Architects (HWA) designed a 25-bed critical access replacement hospital for Barton County, Kansas.  As there was not sufficient space at the current site, the Board of Trustees purchased 50 acres of land to build a new hospital, which allowed them to create a new identity and recapture markets lost due to the perception of the quality of care the existing facility had in the county.  The site is accessible via a frontage road and is located within the city limits. 

The replacement hospital was built to house 25 beds plus all outpatient services currently offered.  The ability to expand the four main hospital zones for future services to be offered was an important element in the design.

The design accommodates existing and future patient and staff needs, consolidates specialty clinics and physical therapies on campus, and creates a more efficient, flexible and functional floor plan supporting patient dignity and personhood.  The design emphasizes domestic aesthetics, art and warm, home-like, non-institutional environments.  The goal of the exterior design and interior lobbies was to create a landmark on the highway that captures the "Great Lodge" feeling of the area.

The sound of music in the beautiful and comfortable atrium, the smell of fresh-baked cookies, and the healthy and nutritious foods served to the patients make the experience of staying at this new hospital almost an enjoyable one.  The facility will provide spacious private rooms, and employ supportive caregivers trained to make the stay as pleasant as possible, focusing on the individual patient's needs.

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