Three Major Reasons Why Construction Needs to Embrace Mobile Technology


In construction, if you're not in the field, writing estimates, or selling work… you're not making money. Who has the time to sit down at a desk and learn new systems and software applications when there are people to meet, jobs to be quoted, and sales to be closed?

Let’s face it, integrating new technology into a contracting business can be a real headache. Between estimating apps, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and accounting systems, there are enough options out there to make your head spin. But what if you found out that using mobile technology could actually help you make more money?

1. Save Time and Save Money
An SBE Council report shows that mobile apps can help your business to:

  •  Save employees time:  Small businesses estimate that an average of 11.33 employee hours are saved each week.
  •  Save owners time:  Of the small businesses that participated in the SBE Council survey and use mobile apps, 78% believe their company’s use of mobile apps saves time for the owner - averaging 5.6 hours saved per week.

That adds up to 589 staff hours and 291 owner hours saved EVERY year. How much would that time be worth to your and your business?

2. Generate More Sales and Make More Money
Using mobile apps not only lets you do business on the go, saving time and cutting transportation costs, it also reduces time spent sifting through mountains of paperwork and your email inbox that’s bursting at the seams. Nearly 50% of survey respondents believe they have been able to spend more time on growing business revenues due to their use of mobile apps.

If you could shave off over 850 hours each year spent on time-consuming, inefficient tasks, what could you and your team do with that time?

  • More quotes and estimates
  • More closed sales and revenue
  •  More time to work on training, hiring, and saving the company money
  •  Increased profitability

More estimates, more sales, more revenues, and more profits is what every business owner is looking to achieve. Mobile tech is providing just that without having to add more staff to your team or gigantic expenses to your overhead.

3. Maintain Your Competitive Edge
Though the contracting industry has been slower to jump on the mobile tech bandwagon than other industries, a study from EMA Contractors shows that contractors are increasing mobile device use on the job. According to research, 22% of contractors are using tablets and 68% say they use smartphones on the job every day.
As mobile devices improve and become more popular, contractors who adopt mobile technologies are more likely to maintain an advantage over their competitors. Mobile apps are quick, agile, and impressive to customers. Those who resist integrating smartphones and tablets into their sales process will quickly become the “dinosaurs” of their industry and struggle to keep up with their tech-friendly competitors.

It’s Time to Take the First Step
The evidence is out there – going mobile with your business is becoming essential to streamlining operations, growing profits, and staying at the front of the pack. Despite how overwhelming mobile apps and software may seem, it’s time to consider taking your business to the next level so you don’t get left behind by the market.

Sam Flanery is a Principal Partner at JobFLEX, a cutting-edge contractor software firm specializing in mobile estimating. For more information on JobFLEX, visit them on the web at or call them at 855.354.3539.

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