Davis-Bacon State Labor Rates from BNi

After you click "Submit", the first screen gives you the trade description, a brief secondary description, labor rates and fringes for all the trades in a metro area as well as any special fringes that may occur. As with any of these screens, a circle with the letter “ i ” in the center lets you know that there is more information available for that respective trade.

Also - on the top left of this page, you can select "print" or "export". Selecting "print" will convert the data to Adobe Acrobat pdf format, which you can save, email and print. Selecting "Export" gives you two additional options. You can choose to download the data as a .csv file (for Excel), or - you can download the entire Department of Labor decision file governing the area you selected.

Click on the  additional information  and the next level will appear.

  • All of the secondary description for that respective trade
  • The Department of Labor trade number
  • The DOL decision number
  • Date the trade was last updated
  • Any additional notes that may apply to that trade
  • The state
  • Type of construction
  • County
  • Any additional notes that may pertain